Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So, I love license plates. Particularly vanity plates. I think I get this nerdy tendency from my father. We both enjoy trying to figure out what vanity plates mean - and if they are incomprehensible, well, that takes away from some of my fun. I extend this to other license plates...our little rectangular state in the middle of the country still uses three letters at the end of its license plates. It's amazing how many words and/or phrases you can make up from those three letters.

Yesterday, I saw ###-FZZ. Fizz. What an excellent license plate. I liked my old one because it was ###-MTO...made to order. You see where I'm going here? I do it every time I pull up behind a car at a light. Seriously, I'm a nerd.

Most of the vanity plates around here have something to do with the University in town, using some variant of the mascot name. I see the same ones around town and in the parking ramp - something I love about living in a smaller town. There is the occasional plate from the rival University a few hours away. Those plates usually poke fun at our University - all in good fun, I'm sure - so they're also fun to try to decipher.

But the kicker had to be the plate I saw the other day when driving to pick up my husband at the airport (20 minutes away! Have I mentioned how much I love living here??) It was a University vanity plate. And it read:


Seriously. Stalker. Dude, time to think up a new license plate, because really? I'm not sure that's the impression you want to be giving.

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