Friday, March 20, 2009


I have been walking around (and sometimes, dancing around) all week with a smile on my face. Not that I'm usually a depressed kind of person - but this week has been especially spectacular.

In bullets...because that's how I think...

  • It's spring break! Because I left campus to do my dissertation research, I haven't had a spring break in...huh. Actually, it's been since college, since during my coursework I would work during all of my breaks. Not that I haven't done any work, but I've only done a little each day, I only had one meeting, and it's been much more relaxed than usual.
  • We got a tax refund. Ordinarily, this would completely tick me off. However, we were fretting just Monday evening about what we would do if we owed thousands and thousands of dollars. What with moving, job changes, and buying the house, we were really concerned that we would owe. A Lot. So, to hear that we waaaay overpaid, and that we would be getting money back? A gift. We're thrilled that we'll be able to spiff up our savings account. Yay!
  • But we did splurge a teeny bit, and bought a chair we'd been contemplating for the living room. We had a huge open space and seating for 4 - including 3 on the couch. They just delivered it and it looks so nice.
  • They delivered it the day after we bought it. This is something I love about living in a small town. No waiting a week for delivery. And, we got to deal with the really nice people who sold us the rest of our LR furniture.
  • On a funny note, though - when we went in to ponder chairs on Saturday, the salesperson remembered us. And our furniture. And where we live. Hm.
  • A long dinner with friends on Wednesday night. As in, four hours. At a local restaurant that just reopened after flooding last summer. It was fantastic - good food, good friends, good conversation. She is newly pregnant, so we were celebrating that. But it was just a nice reminder of the fabulous friends we have, and how much fun it is to spend time with them.
  • MARCH MADNESS!! I love love love college b-ball season, and this is my favorite weekend of the year. And, since it's spring break, I've been feeding my addiction. My brackets (2 pools, one family, one family+friends) stink, but really? The fun is in the watching. I even root for upsets when it's going to mess up my brackets. So. Much. Fun.
  • Random thought...what do rumble strips feel like in a buggy?

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