Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kinda grumbly

It's been that kind of day...Starting with me getting up, doing all of my early-morning tasks (take the dog out, check fasting blood sugar, turn on phone, fill dog's food dish), going upstairs to change for yoga, and stepping on the scale. Good grief. I weighed in at almost 7 more pounds than I weighed a week and a half ago. SEVEN POUNDS?

I was all motivated to get on the scale, too - I think I want to run another full marathon in June (what on earth am I thinking?), and I would like to drop 8-10 pounds before I start training in February. Well, 8-10 pounds from the weight I thought I was.

So. That was depressing.

Not to use the oldest excuse in the book, but I'll just say there's probably some significant water retention going on there. I suppose I'll weigh myself every 2-3 days, just to see what the fluctuation is. Hopefully next week I'll lose some of that water weight and have a better idea of what my "normal" weight actually is.

I would love to eat less - but I have a very difficult time with that. With the whole diabetes thing, I am supposed to eat meals and snacks. So I typically eat breakfast, 3 hrs later eat a snack, 3 hrs later eat lunch, 3 hrs later, snack, and 3 hrs later, dinner. Followed by a small bedtime snack. And my fasting sugars are good. I just suspect that my snacks could be a bit smaller. As could my meals.

So. Trying to get back on track with that. I've bumped up the intensity of my workouts, and I am hoping that helps, as well.

Anyway, I got completely off track here. So I had my grumpy weigh in. Did my yoga DVD. Applied for a faculty job (yikes!). Ran in to campus to pick something up in the lab. Stopped and got chips on the way home. And then took the dog (ha, I just typed "god"...he really *does* rule this house!) to get his nails trimmed. My plan - to drop him off, run next door to BB&B to use two coupons and a gift card, then come back to get him and pick up his treats. I was thwarted by the surly groomer. Who said "No, just wait for him, it'll just be a minute." Me "Buh, buh...*sigh*" I mean, it's not the end of the world (dude, far from it) but I was grumpy.

Then I shoveled snow for 45 minutes. Heavy, wet snow. With slushy ice crap underneath.

And we didn't get any Christmas cards in the mail.

Okay, I'm done grumbling now. I think.

On the plus side:

I have eaten Julia's almost instant tomato soup for the past three non-breakfast meals. Oh. My. Goodness. It is SO good. Low-fat, no weird things, lots of flavor. Thank goodness my husband dislikes tomato soup. More for me!

I made my mother's gingerbread cake. This could go on the negative side, but I'm choosing to remember how yummy it is, and ignore the calories. My husband will be home tomorrow, and I'll make sure he eats most of it. :)

I was actually productive today.

Tomorrow we'll sleep in, since the gym doesn't open til 8. I'm thinking I'll be really indulgent and sleep until 6. Whoa.

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