Sunday, December 27, 2009


We had a very quiet Christmas here. My husband came home on Wednesday, instead of Thursday, which was a nice treat. We stayed put Thursday and Friday, in part because of the absolutely disgusting rained! in the Midwest! on Christmas Eve! I mean, really. Bleah. It switched over to snow by 9 on Christmas morning, though, and since then we have gotten 6-8 inches of fluffy, powdery snow. Which made up, sort of, for the icky rain.

It was just the three of us on Christmas - we chose not to go to my in-laws', as we had just been there a few weeks ago when my brother in law and his wife were in town. I wasn't up for another trip up there, and the potentially sketchy roads made the decision rather easy.

We slept in, ate snacky food (my favorite thing about the holidays, to be honest), and enjoyed each others' company. We played with the dog - who got the most presents of anyone - and talked to our families. We shoveled and snow blowed and took a few slippery walks around the neighborhood.

It was a lovely holiday weekend, and I'm already looking forward to another one in just four short days. We always go to sleep before midnight on New Year's Eve - part of our traditions now, I suppose. But on New Year's Day we eat more snacky food, watch HGTV, and try not to work. (Although, since both of us worked for 6-7 hours on Christmas Eve, that might not be possible this year...)

And then - in the midst of my enjoying-my-solitude-for-a-few-days, about-to-get-a-glass-of-wine haze, an old friend called. She's pregnant. By IUI. Donor sperm. It's twins. She's due in the summer, and will probably have to move, as she's not sure how she can continue at her current job with two babies. Oh, right - she's not married. I have no problems at *all* with women choosing to have children on their own. It just seems like unnecessary roughness on the part of the universe for some reason. I'm just now starting to come to terms with this whole child-free life thing. I'm just now starting to realize that we won't have to save for college, or worry about a vaccination schedule, or all of those other things that parents do. And instead - the universe throws *this* at me?

Time for that wine. Since, you know, I'm not pregnant.

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