Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Small town

I'm not feeling very witty today. Close friends are expecting their first child, and a long-time friend (who's more like a sister) had healthy twins today. Wonderful news all around, but difficult when you're in the situation we're in. So, I need to pull myself out of this funk.

Some random thoughts...

I'm still not used to the small-town aspect of where we live...the tendency to see someone you know everywhere you go. It's not as bad for me as it is for some people who have lived here longer, but it still happens.

Last night we went to dinner with friends - hilarious friends, who always make me snort Diet Coke up my nose while laughing. We had a great time at dinner - and -only- saw two people that at least one of us knew. That was kind of a surprise - I thought we'd see more, particularly on cheapo wing night. Dinner was good, and they let us stay at our table for about 3.5 hours. That's about our average when out with these friends. Good thing we enjoy each other's company!

Walking around the neighborhood, I'm still not in the say-hi-to-the-neighbors mode. And I have a terrible habit of waving with the hand that is holding the dog-poop bag. Yeah. I'm sure they love me around here.

It is absolutely beautiful here today - of course, I'm still cold, but that's nothing new. Bright blue skies, sunshine, a little less wind than usual. In other words, weather that makes you think that hey! spring might actually come, eventually.

My wonderful husband is off getting his hair cut. His appointment was at 6. He left here at 5:35. The hair place? Is about...2.5-3 miles from here. It takes 10 minutes, tops. Now, maybe he'll get taken back early...but still, 25 minutes to go three miles? I don't think so.

The dog has bronchitis, and is on several different meds. I told him he was lucky we loved him a whole lot, because he's going to use up our tax refund on vet bills and peanut butter.

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